A commercial supply is a large production well, typically used for businesses with high water demands, such as factories, golf courses and sports pitches, vegetable farms.

Commercial waterwells are used to keep water rates at manageable levels, as organisations with high water use connected to a public supply will often face very expensive rates bills.

The first step towards obtaining your own commercial water supply is to contact us for a hydrogeological assessment. We will consult with available records from our extensive database and perform a desk study which will factor into account your typical water demands. This will then inform the design of the well to accommodate your water demands and determine the depth of the hole.

Once this initial step has been carried out, we can then provide you with a detailed quotation for the drilling and servicing of the well, including for the fitting of pumps. Our Waterwell Manager will liaise with you throughout the project to ensure you are kept informed and that your requirements are met in full.