The very core of our business is our people. We seek to attract and retain the best calibre of employees knowing that our clients deserve to have the right people doing the right job at the right time.

We are fully aware that people are all different, which is what makes our extensive team such a dynamic and capable force. At the outset of your career within the company, we will identify a bespoke training and development plan that serves to utilise your greatest strengths, improve any perceived weaknesses and ultimately work to achieve your overall career goals.

We provide vocational training programmes for those candidates who want to pursue a more practical career, which will include elements of internal and external training with industry recognised formal qualifications gathered along that journey.

For candidates of a more technical disposition, we will work together with you to utilise your qualifications and experience and build upon them so as to realise your aspirations. Should you wish to pursue anything from further technical training through advanced academic qualifications or chartership in your chosen discipline, we have the structures in place to aid and direct you throughout that process so that your aspirations are realised.

Causeway Geotech are an equal opportunities employer.