A domestic supply is a low production well, normally used to feed one or two properties. They are commonly put down in rural locations, where public water supplies are either not present, or are of poor or unreliable quality. This is due to the cost of obtaining access to a mains water supply, which is often well in excess of the maintenance of a borehole system. It is also common in areas where spring supplies are used or shared. In the warmer weather spring supplies may become unreliable, or multiple people using it at the same time may result on excessive strain on the supply, leading to depletion. In other instances, the spring supply may become contaminated (for example, with agricultural effluent) and the water may no longer be fit for consumption.

We will gratefully meet with you to discuss your requirements and make an initial assessment as to the viability of your site for a domestic well on a free-of-charge consultation basis.