What is Ground Investigation ?

“Without investigation, the ground may be considered a hazard.”

While this statement is one of the more hackneyed phrases used within our industry, it is our belief that it is apt and key to our core values. In this modern age of high competition and risk management, it has never before been more prudent to conduct appropriate and adequate investigation of the ground prior to developing it.

Ground investigation is the process of exploring the geotechnical and environmental properties of the ground, including groundwater.

The main purpose of ground investigation is to reduce and control ground related risks in construction. By investigating the ground we are mitigating the associated risks; reducing the risk by identifying ground hazards, establishing the suitability and feasibility of a project and highlighting areas of risk and potential cost. Ground investigation should be considered the first step of any development process thus enabling appropriate consideration in the design stages of a project.

Information from a properly conducted investigation will provide the basis for economic and safe design, and for meeting tender and construction requirements.

What is Ground Investigation ?
Ground Investigation
It will also save money by avoiding:
  • redesign during construction;
  • over-conservative design;
  • delays and litigation costs due to unforeseen ground conditions;
  • foundation problems post-construction.

As a function of modern life, undeveloped land is becoming a greater commodity all the time. There is a common trend of developing on ‘brownfield sites’, and with ever more challenging greenfield sites being selected for development, the prudent approach to development is to commence with an adequate site appraisal. An appropriate ground investigation is an intrinsic part of this appraisal, and will typically lead to long term project cost savings, allowing designers and contractors to foresee potential problems and design them out before construction works-proper ever commence. Catching the problem early invariably leads to savings in the long term.

Whether your project requires an assessment of the ground profile, the provision of geotechnical parameters to assist in foundation and pavement design, compliance with planning conditions, an assessment of the environmental hazards with a subsequent risk assessment, a remediation strategy - or a combination of all these factors – we can help you satisfy both legislative and design requirements..

Causeway Geotech Ltd employs a wide variety of site investigation techniques, ranging from desk studies to fieldwork, to suit any size of project. Our team of specialists can advise on suitable methods for individual projects, ranging from small-scale investigations for one-off housing developments, to large scale projects for major civil engineering works.

Ground Investigation

Stages of Ground Investigation

The key stages of ground investigation are:
  • Desk Study
  • Site Reconnaissance
  • Preparing, planning and scoping ground investigation
  • Acquiring a ground investigation contractor
  • Site operations
  • Laboratory testing
  • Reporting – Factual and Interpretative