Our laboratory offers a broad range of soil and rock testing. In 2017, we invested heavily in our laboratory premises with the goal of setting up the leading geotechnical soil and rock testing house on the island of Ireland. We had identified that while GB is well serviced by several well-equipped commercial testing houses, Ireland has been lagging far behind in terms of geotechnical soil and rock laboratory testing. We set out to right that wrong and plug the gap in the market, with a clear strategy to invest in premises, modern equipment, training and recruitment of skilled personnel, with the primary aim of achieving UKAS accreditation for a strong suite of testing. The main driver behind this was to improve our customer service by ultimately taking back control of our programme by removing the onus of subcontracting testing.


In 2018, we made this aspiration a reality and as a result of all the hard work put in by key persons, Causeway Geotech Ltd was awarded UKAS accreditation to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 on 9 May 18. This accreditation covers the majority of soils testing currently conducted by the lab to BS 1377, Point Load Test of rock specimens, DCP and Plate Bearing Tests.

Our full scope of accredited testing can be viewed here:


Through a close relationship with approved, tried and trusted subcontractors we can also provide the full range of advanced geotechnical testing, as well as environmental / contamination testing using only similarly certified laboratories.

We offer a sample collection service and can provide a secure, long term storage facility if samples need to be retained for extended periods. Standard turnaround times are typically within 10-15 days of receipt of the samples, however a premium ‘fast track’ testing service is also available for certain tests where the Client’s programme is on the critical path. Test results are routinely presented in AGS format which is produced through our laboratory data management software which integrates seamlessly with our geotechnical data management software package.

Testing equipment we have invested in since 2017 include a suite of automated testing systems, designed to increase efficiency and ultimately improve on turnaround times for the Client.

  • VJ Tech ACONS2- Motorised Automatic Consolidation allow loading sequences to be controlled by the software allowing tests to run overnight thus eliminating the need for a technician to manually increase the loads without the laborious addition of weights. These automated oedometer frames allow testing to run around the clock. We currently have five of these machines, and they are running to full capacity. The major benefit of this system is programme related, with turnaround times offered to Clients significantly improved over the traditional manual-loaded method.
  • ELE Total full effective stress test systems with DS7.2 Software – This full system allows us to perform testing which in the past we have subcontracted out. This system is fully complaint to BS1377 part 8.

Standard Scope of Testing Offered

Geotechnical testing commonly undertaken in-house includes:
  • Classification
    • Moisture content
    • Atterberg Limit
    • Particle size distribution
    • Bulk density
    • Particle density
  • Geochemical
    • pH and water soluble sulfate content
    • Chloride content
  • Compaction
    • Dry density / moisture content value relationship
    • Moisture condition value (MCV)
    • California bearing ratio
  • Compressibility
    • Oedometer consolidation
  • Permeability
  • Strength testing:
    • Total Stress
    • Effective Stress
  • Rock
    • Point load index
    • Unconfined compressive strength (UCS) testing.

More specialist geotechnical testing can be conducted by outsourcing to our trusted subcontractor laboratories with whom we have strong working relationships and can rely on for strong quality and level of service.