Alongside our primary role as a ground investigation contractor, Causeway Geotech Ltd provide geotechnical interpretation and advice, based on information collated from both our own investigations in the first instance, and supplemented by those of others where applicable. We have within our ranks a team of suitably experienced and professionally qualified geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists. Consultancy is undertaken on a wide range of geotechnical issues, ranging from:

  • shallow foundation design
  • assessments of piles
  • requirement and feasibility of ground improvement solutions
  • infiltration drainage systems
  • pavements and earthworks
  • formation inspections
  • Interpretation of in-situ test results.
Geotechnical interpretation and advice
Geotechnical investigations

The experience of both our field and management team in conducting investigations across all parts of Ireland and the UK affords us the opportunity to often hone and improve design briefs provided, whereby we can advise and work in tandem with the Designers to glean the maximum information at the most critical areas of the site.  Our combined experience underpins our ability in the preparation of geotechnical and geological desk studies and feasibility studies, and also allows the company to predict the likely ground conditions, key geotechnical properties, and the most cost-effective way of investigating them.

Typical reports include assessment or prediction of likely ground conditions for sites or infrastructure routes, analysis of likely causes of foundation movements of existing structures, and provision of general advice to parties in potential claims or disputes.