LIGHT Cable percussion boring

Light cable percussion boring is a tried and tested method of site investigation for returning information on overburden strata. Using a 4 wheel drive towable rig, or a specialist cut down rig suited to restricted access locations, most sites can be investigated. Complementary in-situ testing techniques including Standard Penetration Testing, Permeability Testing, Borehole Vane Testing, soft ground sampling methods such as Piston Sampling, can all be carried out in the boreholes in order to provide information for geotechnical design. Disturbed and undisturbed (including thin walled U100) samples are retrieved from the boreholes for inspection and logging by engineers and subsequent testing in our laboratories.

Causeway Geotech Ltd has several Dando 2000, 2500 and 3000 cable percussion rigs within our fleet. In addition to this, we have bespoke low-ground bearing units comprising specially adapted cable percussion rigs mounted on low ground bearing wide-tracked vehicles (Hagglund BV130 and Mooroka MST1100) for access over soft ground conditions.