A method of investigation best suited to shallow soils sampling and commonly employed in environmental investigations, dynamic sampling is carried out by either tracked light percussion rigs or hand held (Carl Hamm) samplers. Samples are retrieved in seamless plastic tubes for logging by a suitably qualified engineer. Window(less) sampling is particularly suited to restricted access sites, contamination investigations, and where disturbance must be kept to a minimum. The track mounted equipment is also capable of carrying out dynamic probe testing. This is a continuous soil test procedure which enables the relative density or strength of the ground to be assessed to depths of 10m or more.

We carry a fleet of Dando Terrier light percussion boring rigs that may be transported to rigs in enclosed vans or open trailers. Coupled with this, for rougher terrain or steep slope access, we have bespoke track dumper-mounted Dando Terrier rigs. Further complimenting the fleet is a Dando Terrier mounted on a Hagglund BV130 low ground bearing, tracked, semi-amphibious vehicle.